Global Consultant for 9001 ISO Quality System is a online ready-made 9001 ISO Quality Management System Standard Certification documents and training kits selling website. We had 100% success rate in helping customers for ISO 9001 quality and other ISO series consultancy - 9001 ISO quality management system, Safety, HSE, Six sigma, kaizen,5S lean manufacturing,best management techniques, performance appraisal and latest management topics. For 9001 ISO quality management system standard and other series certification we are proven consultant and our many clients have taken our 9001 iso quality consultancy services or purchased our products for 9001 iso, ISO 14001, HACCP, BRC, ISO 27001, OHSAS:18001, ISO:22001, ISO:17025, CE MARK certification. So far more than 50000 employees are trained by us in 9001 ISO Quality and other standards. Our 9001 iso quality management system kit includes 9001 iso quality manual, quality procedures, iso 9001 forms, sop, iso 9001 audit checklist to meet 9001 iso quality standard requirements. introduces E-ISO and management Consultancy - Fast, Effective & Economical. We are the largest consultant and had more than 1200 satisfied customers in ISO and management areas globally in more than 45 countries. The key to ISO Quality Kit success is a commitment to the knowledge transfer philosophy and our methodology as a best seller to provide ready to use ISO 9001 quality management system documents and ISO training kits. We are one of the largest ISO quality management consulting organizations with clients in more than 60 countries like USA, Europe, Switzerland, U.K., France, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, China, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Dubai, France, Indonesia, Brazil, Sweden, South Africa, etc..

“We like your professionalism and ability to be system oriented. With your full support we could achieve ISO/IEC 17025 within targeted time frame of 4 months.We now recommend you as a trusted name in ISO quality onsultancy and total management solution provider”

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Our mission and purpose is to help organizations to achieve 9001 ISO quality management system certification through our online E-ISO training and consulting program within minimum time period. With the depth experience of our progressive staff and our innovative approach to ISO 9001 quality management system standard training, business process improvement, Quality Management System implementation, we now introduced totally new online 9001 iso quality management system standardtraining concept. is committed to providing the highest quality, custom tailored, and affordable ISO and Management documents and training presentation kits with our online consulting services.
  • Provide ISO and Management training online to save the time of individual.
  • Provide ISO docuemts and Management training kits to help organizations.
  • Create popular as best solution for all ISO certification.
  • Provide online quick solutions of all related query of our global clients.
  • Provide ready to use iso 9001 quality management system standard documents including manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, sop
  • To purchase our readymade ISO quality documents, training and management kits, Edit it for your requirements and save your time.
  • To use our management presentation and training handouts and ISO document kits
  • To prepare training presentation, document on any subject by our professional team members
  • To be our marketing partner and sell our products in your area and take total marketing rights for your country and get business in 9001 iso quality management system document kit Read..... offers an on-line 9001 iso quality management system certification consulting program may be suitable for those companies that need minimum disruption of their operation and would like to save consultant's travel expenses. Our online service is very similar to traditional on-site consulting, except most communication between our experienced consultants and clients is by phone and e-mail. For companies that have the internal resources to implement their own quality management system but wants to speed up the ISO implementation and enhance knowledge of team, we offers the following services:

  • Customized Templates
  • Desk Top Auditing
  • Turnkey Consulting


Global Manager Group having a highly rich experienced team of engineers and managers offers a full range of 9001 iso quality management system standard certification consulting services in ISO and management areas. Our services enable the organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in global market and helps in making result oriented vibrant and committed organisation. We offer ISO and management training and work hard to train the trainer for 9001 iso quality management system standard certification. The services include:

1. Provide ready to use 9001 iso quality system and other ISO Document and training kits:
We provide ready to use complete ISO 9001 quality QMS standard and other ISO document kit, ISO training kits and management training kits. We had prepared such kits based on ISO 9001 quality standards and other standards and our rich experience of more than 20 years for ISO series consultancy globally. In our ISO documents kit, we provides complete document set covering ISO manual, ISO procedure, ISO checklist, ISO formats, ISO SOPs, ISO policy, ISO work instructions etc. For example in our 9001 iso quality management standard system documents kit we provide quality manual, quality system procedures, iso 9001 sop, quality forms, iso 9001 quality management system standard requirements audit checklist. We also provide More

2. Consultancy for ISO quality certifications We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping small, medium and large size businesses and organizations achieve competitiveness, certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations.More

3. Quality Management System and Other ISO Standards Training offers onsite and online training courses and ready made training packages for 9001 iso quality management system standard, ISO 14001, HACCP, BRC, SA 8000, ISO 27001, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS:18001,ISO:22001, ISO:17025, CE MARK, Internal auditor etc. Our training courses are free from geographical location as you can take them from the convenience of your office or your home, The courses use the exact text of the standards or regulation, and will provide accurate training, free of distortions and misinterpretations other courses typically have. In the training we uses workshops and case studies to make the training more live and interactive. IN our 9001 iso quality management system presentaiotn kit we include topics like overview, documentation, iso 9001 requirements, steps for certification, internal auditing, iso 9001 quality management system standard audit checklist and handouts as well as case study and workshops to verify effectiveness of training on 9001 iso quality management system standard requirements

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